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Frequently asked questions

How do I purchase an Nception NFT?

In order to purchase a Nception NFTrfdeuyh, you will need to conduct two important steps.

First, you will need to purchase ETH from a crypto- currency exchange such as Coinbase, Gemini, or Binance. Once you have completed that step, you will need to transfer your ETH into a non- custodial digital wallet like MetaMask, Portis or WalletConnect compatible wallets.

These wallets connect to the Marketplaces such as Opensea, Rarible and allow you to purchase an NFT. For your reference, here are blog posts outlining in detail how to set up a crypto wallet, as well as the basic steps to take to send ETH to your wallet.

Can I purchase Nception NFTs on the secondary market?

Yes, you have two purchasing options: you can either purchase your Nception token directly on our website when we drop them or buy them on a secondary marketplace such as Opensea or Rarible.

For this last option make sure you are on our official Nception collection.

Can I purchase Nception NFTs with my credit card?

No, in order to purchase a Nception NFT you will need to have a digital wallet with ETH currency.

Can you buy a portion of a Nception Token?

You cannot buy a portion of a Nception token.

Which NFT to choose?

There are three categories of NFT:

33 NFTs worth 30ETH, 300 NFTs worth 10 ETH and 3000 NFTs worth 0,6 ETH.

Each type of token is indexed in our performance proportionally to its value and give access to different locked benefits and work as mint passes for all projects of our network.

How do I redeem my NFTs?

We will be providing the details on redemption through our Nception Discord channel and be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on how to redeem your access token.

Can you rent out a Token?

In order to redeem a benefit we must be able to verify on the chain that you own the token at the time the benefit is being deployed or activated.

How Long Does My Nception NFT Last?

The Nception token as an art and collectable lasts forever.
Additional underlying benefits will be dropped for the Nception NFT owners until late 2024.

Can I resell my Nception token?

Yes. Nception tokens can be resold on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible etc. If a Nception token is resold there will be a 7,5% royalty fee to Nception.

How can I resell my Nception token?

You need to go to your wallet and connect it to the market place platform. Then you click on your Nception token and an option for selling does appears, you need to add the price and validate your action by signing with your wallet.

How can I stay up to date with the latest news from Nception ?

We will highlight our news through different communication channels. You can subscribe to our regular emails.
You can join us on Twitter where news are posted in real time.
You can chat with the Nception team and the community on our Discord You can join us on our telegram channel.

Where can I interact with other Nception NFT collectors?

We’re always hanging out on our Nception discord channel 🙂

What is so special about this NFT collection?

Each NFT will have a specific message and meaning and provide metadata with on chain storage of media.

The premise of Nception approach is to create access and serve his community, meaning each NFT will have different levels of locked content through the smart contract attached with each investment thus giving them “utility” and in the near future to “property” through metadata.

How many Nception NFTs are there?

There are 3 333 Nception tokens that will be dropped in several different allotments.

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